Wellbeing Sessions with BreatheBalanceBe

Louisa, BreatheBalanceBe:

"Breathwork and practising being in the present can be very beneficial for those with a SBC diagnosis. I have found both to be hugely helpful practices in my personal journey since diagnosis in April 2017. Our breathing patterns send messages to our body and minds therefore changing our breath can change how we feel, as well as helping us with pain, fatigue and other symptoms that come with treatment. The science of being kind to our mind and practicing gratitude shows that it can help our mental and emotional health which is impacted greatly after a life event, such as being diagnosed with incurable cancer. Consistency is key, I can feel the difference when I have periods not taking the time to practice so join us every month to breathe better and be kind to your mind!"


'Being Kind to Your Mind'

The first Wednesday of every month at 12 noon 

Incorporating mindfulness, gratitude and other techniques to help us live in the now and strengthen our positive neural pathways.


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Meeting ID: 886 0907 2995
Passcode: 239709


 Upcoming dates for your diary:

  • 1st November, 12 noon
  • 6th December, 12 noon


Fiona recently joined our 'Being Kind to Your Mind' sessions:

"I wasn't sure what to expect from the session but Louisa put me at ease immediately,  I really benefited from her guided breathing exercises and the visualisation part was both interesting and helpful.  It is something I haven't made time for in the past but I look forward to participating in future sessions with Louisa as I felt  this one was of great value to me."


'Breathwork & Relaxation'

The second Wednesday of every month at 2pm. 

Join us to ease stress, anxiety, pain and tension using breathing exercises and guided relaxation.


Meeting ID: 879 9659 9226
Passcode: 447011

Upcoming dates for your diary:

  • 8th November, 2pm
  • 13th December, 2pm