Clinical Trials for Secondary (Metastatic) Breast Cancer

Clinical trials are research studies that aim to find new or better treatments, or look at using existing treatments in different combinations. 

Clinical trials can look at a variety of topics, including: 

  • new drug treatments
  • new doses or drug regimes 
  • new ways of measuring response to a specific treatment
  • new types of palliative and supportive care to control symptoms
  • patient attitudes towards treatments
  • how treatment can impact a patient's quality of life 

You can learn more about clinical trials by reading the Make 2nds Count leaflet on Understanding Clinical Trials.

Research funded by Make 2nds Count has shown that the majority of secondary breast cancer patients do not discuss clinical trails with medical staff. Read about the findings of this research project here. 

We believe that it’s vital that every patient has access to any treatment type, including clinical trials. It is part of Make 2nds Count's mission is to raise awareness and inform and facilitate access to patient trials. Our Patient Trials Advocate (PTA) service is here to provide unbiased information and support for those interested in exploring clinical trials options

As a patient with secondary breast cancer you can book to speak to our dedicated specialist nurses via the PTA service. In this online appointment you can find out more about how clinical trials work, how to get involved as a participant and a personalised trial database search will be conducted on your behalf. 

Make 2nds Count has also created a registry of all actively recruiting clinical trials within the UK relevant to secondary breast cancer. You can view this registry by clicking here.