Every clinical trial has to be registered, and there are several ways of searching for a clinical trial:

Make 2nds Count has created a registry of all actively recruiting clinical trials for secondary breast cancer in the UK. 

Finding the right information about eligible clinical trials for you can be challenging. Our Patient Trials Advocate (PTA) service is here to provide unbiased information and support for those interested in exploring clinical trials options. The PTA team can answer questions about how clinical trials work and how to get involved, no matter where you live in the UK, and conduct a personalised trials database search on your behalf.

The main international clinical trial registry is clinicaltrials.gov. Every secondary breast cancer trial in the world will be registered here, so it’s comprehensive, but requires some specialist knowledge to interpret.

The NIHR’s (National Institute of Health Research) database, Be Part of Research, lists clinical trials within the UK for secondary breast cancer. However, navigating this database can be difficult and not all of the trials are located within one place.  

Cancer Research UK also has a database of trials, but it doesn’t list every UK secondary breast cancer trial. 

myTomorrows helps patients discover and access all possible treatment options. They conduct a comprehensive search of databases worldwide to provide patients and physicians with a personalized listing of treatment options called a Treatment Search Report, this can include clinical trials. 

However you find a trial, it's important that you take the information to your clinician who will advise on its suitability and also provide a referral to it. 

What is a clinical trial: myTomorrows explains: