1000 Truths

Our 2024 Breast Cancer Awareness Month (BCAM) campaign, titled "1,000 Truths," will be a poignant initiative aiming to shed light on the real and daily impact of secondary (metastatic) breast cancer in the UK.

With a focus on the sobering statistic of 1,000 lives lost each month to this disease, the campaign will be centred around the personal narratives from the secondary breast cancer community and progressing on from last year’s Truth Be Told campaign.

By collecting and sharing the reality of those with secondary breast cancer, we are looking to provide an intimate and authentic portrayal of how secondary breast cancer affects not only you, the patients but also your friends and families. The following questionnaire will provide this insight and we will build our campaign on these quotes, images, and stories - sharing 1,000 voices of the secondary breast cancer community and their 1,000 Truths.



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How long did your diagnosis take from your initial visit to your GP?
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