This service is for support and advice in understanding and potentially accessing clinical trials. The service cannot advise on your current medical treatments - if you require medical advice please contact your Oncology team or Breast Cancer Nurse.


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Make 2nds Counts Clinical Trials Support Service Terms & Conditions

Service Overview

The Patient Trials Advocate (PTA) nurse will access clinical trial information from available databases.

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the most up to date information is provided to patients participating in the service, the PTA is reliant on data from third party sources, the updating of which is outside of the PTA or Make 2nds Count's control.

We do not endorse any individual trial or drug, the service is based on information and access only.

Patient Trial Advocate

The Patient Trial Advocate is a senior nurse selected and employed by the NHS. The role of PTA is funded by Make 2nds Count.

Personal Data

Makes 2nds Count will store the data collected in the referral form. We will share it with the relevant PTA where it will also be stored on an NHS database to allow them to assist patients in the search for a clinical trial.  

In accordance with EU and UK’s General Data Protection Regulation, all information will be stored for a maximum of 12 months then deleted. 

Make 2nds Count will not have access to any patients medical data.

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