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Pioneering Secondary Breast Cancer Patient Summit Set To Welcome Over 100 Community Members

2nd July 2024 by Clare Cox

Online reg open 6

We are delighted to be hosting the first national patient-focused conference in the UK dedicated to secondary (metastatic) breast cancer, working together with ECMC and The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre. 

Taking place in Liverpool on July 9 and 10, this ground-breaking event, designed specifically for women and men living with secondary breast cancer, will bring together 16 medical experts who will support them with gaining vital knowledge and navigating the world of medical terminology and clinical guidelines. There will also be a number of exhibition stalls from cancer partners such as Maggies Liverpool, Breast Cancer Now and MET UP UK. 

Following the release of a recent LIMBER Study (2022) revealing that 71% of women wished they had known more about secondary breast cancer, the Summit aims to directly address this need for additional information and support as well as bring together a community of those who feel isolated This is also a group that currently are not routinely counted within the NHS data.

The format of the Summit will enable participants to tailor their experience by selecting sessions that best meet their needs. Topics will range from the latest developments for each subtype of secondary breast cancer, exploring personalised treatments and understanding clinical trials, to navigating difficult conversations around the disease.

Prof Carlo Palmieri, Secondary Breast Cancer Summit Co-founder and Clinical Lead comments, "The Secondary Breast Cancer Summit is the first national patient-focused conference in the UK for secondary (metastatic) breast cancer. 

“There is currently a real lack of any specific education or networking opportunities for women and men living with secondary breast cancer, and in response to this and the invaluable insights from recent LIMBER and Metastatic Breast Cancer research studies funded by Make 2nds Count, we've identified critical knowledge gaps within the secondary breast cancer community, and the Summit will address these. From disease understanding to clinical trials, treatment, and side effects, our bespoke event programme will hope to meet the information needs of our secondary breast cancer community. Our goal is to educate and empower people living with the disease and help them feel more confident in their understanding of the disease, and to make more informed decisions about their care."

In addition to the expert panel discussions, the Summit will also feature interactive exhibition stalls where participants can learn about the latest advancements and resources available for managing secondary breast cancer and providing hands-on experiences and up-to-date information tailored to the needs of patients.

Lesley Stephen, Secondary Breast Cancer Summit Patient Lead and co-founder said, "I’ve been living with secondary breast cancer for 10 years, and in that time, I have been to many cancer conferences with medical talks that can be difficult to follow if you don’t have a science background. 

“I’ve often thought it would be great to offer secondary breast cancer patients the opportunity to have their own conference, ask researchers and clinicians questions about their work and find out about the latest treatments, but all presented in a way that we patients can understand.”

The event will also include dedicated social spaces and a community café, offering a relaxed environment for individuals facing similar challenges to connect and support one another. Attendees will also have the chance to voice their concerns and be heard, thus shaping next year’s conference through interactive sessions and feedback forms.

Registration to join online is still open and welcomes friends and family members, as well as professionals involved in the care of women and men with secondary breast cancer.

For a full programme for the conference and to register, please visit: https://make2ndscount.co.uk/support/community/sbc-summit