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Sad news

​Our team was heartbroken to learn of the passing of Nicola Owen earlier this week. Nicola was one half of the brilliant team behind 'The Little C Club' which has been a​n invaluable community resource for our secondary breast cancer community.

Both Nicola and Jennifer, who also sadly passed away in April 2022were secondary breast cancer mummies who gave parents the tools to explain their diagnosis to their small humans.

Our relationship with Nicola and Jennifer has been a hugely supportive one and we have been proud to fund this resource for the secondary breast cancer community since the very early days of the project.

We send all our love to Nicola's husband and kids and the rest of her family at this sad time.

We will continue to support 'The Little C Club' in any way we can going forward and want to thank Nicola & Jennifer for their brilliance and determination to get this much needed resource to where it is today.

Claire O'Donnell

Support Coordinator, Make 2nds Count

The Little C Club

The Little C Club is co founded by two mummies with Secondary Breast Cancer. Jen & Nic met and instantly became friends and identified the need for better resources to help parents explain their diagnosis to their children.
Nicola is a nurse and Jen is a teacher so between them have created 'The Little C Club'. The Little C Club flash cards are a creative, colourful tool designed with children aged between 2-10 in mind to act as a learning resource. The flash cards explain cancer in basic terms, including children in important conversations and making sure they have the answers they need, rather than jumping to their own conclusions. 

Each card is a letter from the A-Z of cancer topics, including illustrations to help them visualise and activities to do with family members relating to the topic being discussed. Each card can be used whenever needed depending on treatment plans and situations. It was important for Jen and NIc that these conversations were opened up and that parents were given the tools to do so in a way that children were comfortable learning. The flash cards aim to be a fun way of children interacting with a scary topic


Make 2nds Count have funded Little C Club card packs to supply to patients. 


Please request your Little c Club flash card pack HERE