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26th November 2023 by Laura Hemingway SBC & Me Education

Laura Hemingway



Date of Diagnosis:


Current Treatment Line:

Ribociclib, Letrozole and Denusomab.

I started my treatment journey on weekly chemo called paclitaxel which worked really well to reduce and get the cancer under control.

How does SBC affect your life?:

My treatment is causing me to have quite bad joint pain, so I make sure I keep moving and exercise. 

I keep busy to avoid any anxiety. 

This sort of diagnosis definitely makes you reevaluate life… I don’t get annoyed by the small things anymore and have decided to do less hours at work.

Advice for someone diagnosed with SBC:

At first it really does feel like your life is over! But that’s because the info out there is so out of date, it’s all doom and gloom. But 10 months on things have settled and I’m getting on with life. Try to find other, positive people going through the same, it really helps! Facebook groups etc. Don’t Google!


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