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3rd December 2023 by Kelly Carson SBC & Me Education

Kelly Carson



Date of Diagnosis:



Current Treatment Line:

I am currently on my first treatment line. I have just finished 6 rounds of chemotherapy (Docetaxel) which I had every 3 weeks. I also started taking 3 weekly Phesgo injections alongside this as I am Her2 positive and have just started denosumab injections every 12 weeks as I have mets in my sternum. 


How Does SBC Affect Your Life:

As you can see from my date of diagnosis I am quite early into my journey but I would say the biggest impact it has had on me so far is an emotional one. Before my diagnosis I didn’t even realise you could like with cancer. I am a very proud mummy to 5 beautiful children, my eldest being 14 and my youngest being 5 months old. The hardest part is the fear that I won’t be around for them, for all the milestones life has for them and to watch them grow. In a funny kind of way though this diagnosis is helping me to live more in the moment, it’s definitely taught me that tomorrow isn’t promised and to make every moment count. I am so grateful to be blessed with the life I lead and I intend on being around for many more years to enjoy every second of it.

I am lucky that I have an incredible support network, starting with my husband who is my best friend, my mum and family, my husbands family and my amazing friends. I can’t thank them enough for keeping me going in my darkest of times. 


Advice for someone diagnosed with SBC?:

As I mentioned I am new to this so I’m not sure I would be best placed to advise someone but the advice I would give is to breath. Feel the emotions and allow them to come, don’t bottle them up but also don’t let them consume you. Once you start to understand them allow the negative feelings to pass. I read a quote that says “fear doesn’t stop death it stops life and worrying doesn’t take away tomorrows troubles it takes away todays peace.” That really stuck with me! Also you don’t have to be positive all the time, be honest with your support network and access any support you may need. The make seconds count FB group has been a real comfort to me where you can chat to people who understand which helps you to not feel so isolated. Another thing I’ve learned is “we are living with cancer not dying from.” 

Go enjoy life and make some memories, do all those things you’ve always wanted to and stop putting them off, not because of the illness, but because why not! 




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