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17th December 2023 by Rosie Hawkins SBC & Me Education

Rosie Hawkins



Date of Diagnosis:



Current Treatment Line:

Current on 7th cycle of Nab paclitaxel and Phesgo.


How Does SBC Affect Your Life:

Was diagnosed with breast cancer the day before giving birth in May. It was confirmed 11 days later that it had already spread to the liver and had extensive liver mets. 

Much to my surprise the treatment been ok and doable so far. 

The hardest bit is the ridiculously rubbish odds I will even see my children through primary school.


Advice for someone diagnosed with SBC?:

Find your hope from the wider secondary breast cancer community. 

No doctor has ever admitted we don’t know to me but that is the real answer. Medical terminology is stupid and words like palliative mean something different to doctors. 

For no reason I can put my finger on it does get easier.  




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