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SBC & Me

7th January 2024 by Jo-Anne Hodkinson SBC & Me Education

Jo Anne Hodkinson



Date of Diagnosis:



Current Treatment Line:

Palbociclib, denosumab, zoladex, apixaban, letrozole


How Does SBC Affect Your Life:

The cancer is in my bones and I had a proximal femoral endoprosthetic replacement (replacement of hip socket and femur) walking is difficult and the distance is limited.

I still work full time as it provides my normality and a distraction from the cancer world of hospital appointments and scans.

I no longer go out and party as the treatment makes me very tired so now much prefer to be tucked up in bed at 8.30.

I try not to think about my future as it terrifies and overwhelms me.


Advice for someone diagnosed with SBC?:

It sounds like a cliche but just take one day at a time, just think about getting through today. It’s overwhelming and it’s okay to not be okay, reach out for help to friends and family or find a support group.

Do NOT google prognosis statistics.




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