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SBC & Me

7th May 2023 by Karen Watson SBC & Me Education

Karen Watson

SBC & Me


Date of Diagnosis 


Current Treatment Line 

I am on my first line of treatment taking Letrozole and Palbociclib and about to start cycle 10.

How does SBC effect your life?

I was diagnosed De Novo following nerve pain and a  fall which had fractured my spine and left me with spinal cord compression.  Initially I was in wheelchair and couldn’t feel my feet to stand or walk but this improved with radiotherapy treatment and I can now stand and walk short distances with a frame thanks to my physio. 

Advice for someone diagnosed with SBC

There are treatments available so try to stay positive.

The outlook looked very bleak for me on paper but my spine and liver mets are now not visible and I’m standing and walking again. 

Eat well, be curious about your treatment so that you understand it, get out into nature, and try to find the positives each day.

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