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SBC & Me

14th May 2023 by Claire Goodwin SBC & Me Education

Claire Goodwin

SBC & Me


Date of Diagnosis 


Current Treatment Line 

I am just about to start a chemo drug called Abraxane and immunotherapy. I'll go in for treatments on a four week cycle, with three on and one off. 

How does SBC effect your life?

So far, the physical impact of secondary breast cancer has been limited . It has however caused a lot of fear and anxiety, anger and hurt. Saying this, my husband and I are trying to live each day with a positivity and do the things we really want to do. I am still working at the moment for two reasons, one is the money for the mortgage but the second is that I love my job and it's a big part of who I am. The diagnosis has given me the nudge to do things I'd been putting off. We've got our wills sorted, I've put my all my pension pots together and even booked in that skydive that I have been debating in my mind for years. 

Advice for someone diagnosed with SBC

Be kind to yourself and let yourself feel and be however you need to be. 

I've had a bit of counselling and seen the absolute huge value of self care. It provides calm and gives a sense of control back. Make time for the things that bring you joy and a sense of calm. 


I'd ask your team whether the hospital or local charities provide any holistic treatments, and would recommend talking to Macmillan about counselling sessions too. My counselling sessions have been really helpful. 


I found telling people about my diagnosis hard. I told my husband and parents straight away but having these conversations is tough. I use Facebook to update friends and family. With close family and friends we might discuss it but largely I wanted to be treated as normal. I've found this works for me. I know others have used blogs in a similar way. 

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