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SBC & Me

4th June 2023 by Debbie Donnison SBC & Me Education

Debbie Donnison

SBC & Me


Date of Diagnosis 


Current Treatment Line 

I have occult SBC, no evidence in breast which delayed dx. Liver/bone mets. On Letrozole, Abemaciclib, Zoladex & starting Xgeva.

How does SBC effect your life?

Affected my physical confidence. Scared I’ll break (& die) but want to get back to horse riding & cycling. Rollercoaster of being happy & then remembering. Mostly good days but emotions close to the surface. Working full time & wish I didn’t have to sometimes (no sick pay until worked there a year). Like having a shotgun to my head. Still can’t understand how I got here.

Advice for someone diagnosed with SBC

Know that once you have a treatment plan it will help. Be knowledgeable but only read stuff on the internet if it is less than 3 years old. Ask questions. Understand. This is the time to be selfish about your needs. Do what makes you happy but also allow yourself to be sad. Keep active. I combine my morning walk with headphones, singing & a good cry. Sets me straight for the day. I can get through the whole of Helen Reddy I am Woman without crying now #lifegoals.

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