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SBC & My Treatment

26th February 2023 by Jo SBC & Me Education


SBC & Me


Date of diagnosis?



Current treatment line?



How does secondary breast cancer affect your life?

The top of my spine is badly effected so I have to be extremely careful and can’t do a lot of the things I used to love doing. Like Zumba I loved a good dance to keep fit.


What advice would you give to someone newly diagnosed?

Don’t get disheartened if treatment doesn’t work immediately, your team will keep trying to find the best treatments for you.


SBC & My Treatment:


Has your treatment line changed?

I have had a few different treatments from hormone therapy to ribociclib, palbociclib, Tamoxifen and others.


How are you coping?

I’m living each day as it comes and trying to keep active but visit new places regularly to inspire me and keep me motivated as an artist.


Do the side effects affect your life daily? If yes, please explain

Yes, bad aches and pains which means lots of pain medication. These play havoc on the stomach. Can generally feel tired but have trouble sleeping.


Have you found a routine that works for your everyday life? If yes, please explain

I take my time and don’t rush, take joy in family and the cats. I have more energy in the morning so do all that’s needs to be done then. If I need a nap I will take one.


Do you feel anything is missed when it comes to living with secondary breast cancer? Medically or Socially

More information when diagnosed with primary breast cancer.
I had no information that it can progress.. I don’t know if this is seen as being defeated to say we have to watch incase. When they are wanting you to fight and get through the initial diagnosis. I know people who had never heard of secondaries or metastatic terms.


Have you treated yourself to anything since your diagnosis? If yes, please explain

I treat myself to days away to keep my head clear and my mental health, take trips to the beach.


Has it changed your perspective on life? If yes, please explain

Definitely, I have the opportunity to get my house in order, give my son wonderful memories of time together. I wont accept things that would have before, I don’t have the time for drama or unnecessary stress.