Funding for Metastatic Breast Cancer Research

Part of Make 2nds Count’s mission is to fund secondary (metastatic) breast cancer research that contributes to advancing an increased quality of life for patients. We do this across a number of research areas including: 

  • Clinical studies
  • Qualitative research on patients' experiences
  • Laboratory research with near-time patient benefit

In our next funding round, we are calling for applications which deliver direct benefit to people living with secondary breast cancer. Grants will be awarded between £50,000 - £250,000 and Make 2nds Count would encourage applications across this scale that benefit the patient community. Read the application guidance for full details. Our research terms and conditions are available here.

Ensuring the voices of the secondary breast cancer community are heard is a key part of our work. Proposed research projects should be built in partnership with representatives from the community. We are happy to support research teams seeking patient advocates to input into project design.

How to Apply

Applications are considered once a year and follow a two-step process:

  1. Submit a 2 page Letter of Intent by Monday 30 October. We will check that the proposal is in scope and send you a link to complete an application form.
  2. Submit a full application form. 

All applications are subject to external review. The external reviewers provide feedback which forms the basis of the funding recommendations made by our Research Committee. The Board reviews this recommendation and will make a final decision on funding.


For more information or to discuss an application, please contact