We have taken our sign & symptom infographic and created a pin badge to continue our essential work raising awareness of secondary breast cancer. 


We'd love members of our community to wear their pin badge proudly to help us raise awareness.


38% of adults don't know what secondary breast cancer is - (YouGov 2022) 

It's not the same as primary breast cancer and the signs and symptoms are different for every person.  That's why it's so important to increase awareness and education about the disease.

 Help us raise awareness of secondary breast cancer signs & symptoms and get this pin badges as a welcome gift.

Sponsor our signs & symptoms campaign from Just £2 A Month. A direct debit means you can give small amounts every month that make a huge difference to Make 2nds Count.  


When you give monthly you will receive:

  • Our signs & symptoms pin badge as a welcome gift.
  • Quarterly updates on Make 2nds Count and stories from our community about the work M2C have done for them
  • Welcome pack (containing a thank you letter, information leaflets, signs & symptoms business cards and pen)


How long do people sign up for? Can sign up for as long as they wish to support Make 2nds Count but there will be the option to cancel at any time

Where will the funds raised go? The funds raised will go towards the charities main missions of funding Research, Education and Support.