Being diagnosed with secondary breast cancer and coping with treatment plans can put pressure on not only your physical health but also your mental health and wellbeing.

As part of our support programme, Make 2nds Count signposts useful resources and support designed to help patients’ wellbeing – whether through nutrition, fitness, complementary treatments or mindfulness.

Wellbeing Week 2024

27th - 29th February 

This year's topic is FATIGUE





Being Kind to your Mind and Breathwork & Relaxation

"Breathwork and practising being in the present can be very beneficial for those with a SBC diagnosis. I have found both to be hugely helpful practices in my personal journey since diagnosis in April 2017. Our breathing patterns send messages to our body and minds therefore changing our breath can change how we feel, as well as helping us with pain, fatigue and other symptoms that come with treatment. The science of being kind to our mind and practicing gratitude shows that it can help our mental and emotional health which is impacted greatly after a life event, such as being diagnosed with incurable cancer. Consistency is key, I can feel the difference when I have periods not taking the time to practice so join us every month to breathe better and be kind to your mind!"



Birdsong Yoga Physio

We are delighted to continue our partnership with Birdsong Yoga Physio in 2023 to fund physio led yoga sessions for the secondary breast cancer community via the Karen Henderson Legacy Fund.   

Both these activities have been proven to help patients with breathing, flexibility and pain management. 



Little Lift boxes

Are you living with secondary breast cancer in the UK? Is treatment getting you down?

Over the last three years we have been working in partnership with Little Lifts to provide chemotherapy or radiotherapy boxes to those receiving treatment for secondary breast cancer. Together, we have gifted over 1,500 Little Lifts Boxes to support them during treatment. We think this is amazing!

Packed with love, a Little Lifts box is full of mood-boosting goodies and practical products to support women undergoing treatment for breast cancer. From a pain-easing heat pack to luxury body lotion, Little Lifts boxes include at least twenty five items carefully selected by women who have experienced chemotherapy or radiotherapy for breast cancer. You can find list of items here.

If you'd like to receive a box you can still apply via Little Lifts Little Kindness Fund.