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During chemotherapy, I qualified as a yoga nidra teacher in London and practiced and studied cutting edge breathing techniques with 2 very highly regarded and brilliant breathwork teachers in London. I have also been lucky enough train with Dr Richard Brown, MD, Associate Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at Columbia University, Dr Patricia Gerbarg, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at New York Medical College. I am proudly one of their Level 2 Breath-Body-Mind(TM) teachers. I am also currently a trainee hypnotherapist.
I now specialise in helping others with issues such as stress, anxiety, sleep and concentration. I would love to help others find a better balance in life and appreciate the power of their own breath. I will continue to study with influential and inspirational teachers and believe that our healing journey, possibly down a new magical path, can start right under our noses.


Tagged Breathing Techniques

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